The Soft Kill

2014-12-14 16.12.57

The innocuous pill

Consume, take your fill

Hail the state

They’re here to irradiate

No need to repudiate

Hail the freedom of hate

Chemtrails fill the sky

Dry your eye

For soon you’ll die

Just maintain your high

Say goodbye

Sit back and relax

Just ignore the facts

You’ve paid your tax

Sit back and relax

Don’t say a word

Just take your turn

It’s a kindness, not a spurn

We’re here to save our world

Just lie flat

Enough of that

We need no justification

To decrease the population

Now, take your pill

Welcome to the soft kill





Why is it in an age of abundant information,

That we use a club of brutality in a question?

The best way to hide hate is use a question

Are you from around here?

Is this what we’re supposed to do?

Why are you acting queer?

Why do you act a fool?

Did you graduate school?

Why are you here?

Do you belong?

Wasn’t that too strong?

Why are you so bossy?

Where are you supposed to be?

What happened to Free to be you and me?

Oh, to be intelligent

Surrounded by the ignorant

Such hurt, such destruction

All packaged in a question