Teacher Leave Our Kids Alone

Teacher Troll
Slow your roll
High IQ, still illiterate
Go ahead, defend it
Overwhelmed, underpaid
Hands tied, advance a grade
Low money, too many bills
Just give them more pills
Keep them sedated
American educated
Such a shallow pool
Such a weary fool
Bureaucracy’s favorite tool.

Teacher, teacher, you’re a troll

Pick your victim, call your roll

Teacher, teacher, I declare

Your actions scream you don’t care

Teacher, teacher, regretfully

You’ve become the worst bully

Teacher, teacher, tear them down

They don’t deserve your crown

Teacher, teacher, you’re a fake

Their hearts aren’t yours to break

Teacher, teacher, stop giving in

They don’t need more Ritalin

Teacher, teacher, let them be

Learning comes naturally

Teacher, teacher, live to inspire

More than parental ire

Teacher, teacher, light the light

Recognize they fight the good fight





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