Paninied Punani



It’s worshiped yet in the same breath crushed

It’s a hole that’s whole

Creation and destruction all in one

The weaker muscle, life’s precious vessel

Cause of rape, target of subversion

Degraded, center of church shame

Constantly, denied access to the same

After all, twat’s in a name


Hidden, wrinkled and sometimes hairy

Some stripped to appease him

Rarely played on a whim

Always, focus on the rim

Never what’s deep within

If it’s smokin’

Slow your strokin’

It’s been broken

Traded as the ultimate token

Eternal internal soldier

Needs him to hold her

Embraced and beholden

It needs to be golden

Worshiped and adored

Not cut apart and whored

Viva la clit

Come around to it

It’s nature’s purest flower

The center of her demise and power


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