Poverty Is Powerful

In keeping with the theme, I give you this poem.

Poverty is powerful.

It blinds the pious eye

It silences dissent

It makes freedom irrelevant

It turns everyone indifferent

It ages the young

It is an effective cull

Decreases the surplus population

And lays the blame squarely at the feet of the poor

Insures they bear the burden

Guarantees our master’s survival

Poverty is productive

Poverty is effective

It shows who should be disrespected

It is teacher, lover, sister, brother

It decries but for the grace of god

Isn’t that odd

Poverty is cruel

It ensures the rule

It is the crux of the issue

It says the machine won’t miss you

It manufactures the boot upon your neck

It gives to the rich, steals from the poor

It is the reaper rapping at your door

It is all part of the design

It is nobly divine

It is always yours,

Never mine

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